School hours are from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

2-4s Class

The 2-4s Classes meet two days of the week (Mon & Wed or Tues & Thurs) and is designed for children 2-4 years of age who are  potty-trained and expressive enough to make their needs known to the adults in the room. During their year or two in the 2-4s room, these children will be made aware of  letters, numbers, colors, shapes and basic math and science concepts. They will be introduced to language arts, health, social studies, music & art. They will make important social connections with peers and trusted adults in a fun, safe, caring and stimulating environment that promotes a love of learning.


Our Pre-K class meets three days per week (Mon & Wed & Fri or Tues & Thurs & Fri) and is designed for children 4-5 years old who are Kindergarten bound. The concepts of shapes, letters, numbers, and science taught in the 2-4s room are bolstered and refined by a curriculm that is a perfect blend of  Montesorri classroom and a traditional preschool classroom filled with exciting, fulfilling hands-on activities and concepts. Social skills are further refined as well. Through this continued stimulating curriculum the children are amply prepared for Kindergarten and do very well there.

Daily Procedures

Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Escort your child into class. DO NOT drop off in the parking lot, porch, or yard.
  • Always remember to keep the gates closed, latched, and secured.
  • Never allow a child to leave the porch unattended.
  • Unsupervised children are not allowed on the playground.
  • Always make contact with your child’s teacher before you leave in the morning and when you pick up your child in the afternoon.

Attendance Verification
Always sign your child in the Attendance Binder upon arrival at school and sign them out upon departure. If you have made arrangements for someone other than yourself to pick up your child from school, please give that person’s name and phone number, in writing, to your teacher. Otherwise children will be released only to those adults whose names appear on your enrollment card as authorized agents. In the case of single parent families, we will release the child to either parent who arrives for pick up. If a parent is not allowed to pick up a child from school we need to have a copy of the court order on file in the office. All unrecognized person’s permitted to pick up your child must show I.D.

You must check the parent information sources daily. This is a very important and vital line of communication. All information and changes will be posted on the parent information boards and calendars, on the doors to the classrooms, and in your parent information file. It is your responsibility to keep updated on preschool information.

Student Cubbies
Your child will be assigned a personal cubby in the classroom. Please provide an extra pair of clothes (labeled with your child’s name) in a gallon Ziploc bag and keep it in your child’s cubby, in case of a necessity. Please change these clothes throughout the year to match our changing weather temperatures. When leaving for the day please be sure to check your child’s cubby and the coat rack for his/her belongings and art projects.

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