• Small class sizes; a maximum of 12 students enrolled per class.
  • Outstanding adult/ child ratio; with our regular schedule of 2 working parents per day in each classroom, the ratio is as low as 1:4.
  • Our teachers and director are educational professionals, with over 45 years of cumulative experience in the field of education.
  • Hands on parental involvement both in and out of the classroom builds not just a better school but a true community where friendships are built and resources and support are pooled and shared for the benefit of everyone. This “cooperative” mentality is absorbed by the students and serves as an important building block in the foundation of their development.
  • Exceptional opportunities for community involvement via fundraisers, and field trips to local businesses and civic organizations.
  • We are the experts in Preschool – it’s all that we do and have done for the past 45+ years – longer than any other preschool in north county!
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