Paso Robles Co-Op Preschool (PRCP) was founded by a group of parents who recognized the importance of parental involvement in the education of young children. Since 1969 we have served the families who have had a special desire to share in their children’s first school experience. We believe the efforts, individual talents, and the direct involvement of parents during the school day make for a unique educational endeavor. 

Paso Robles Cooperative Preschool, Inc. is a state licensed preschool (# 40621090). We must follow all California laws and Title 22 Regulations. Failure to do so could result in the loss of our license. 

Mission Statement

The Paso Robles Cooperative Preschool is made up of families who recognize the importance of quality preschool experience in a cooperative environment through an active, educational partnership between parents, teachers, and children. 


  • To help the child develop a good self-image and positive feelings about themselves, for we believe that every child is special and unique.
  • To help the child grow in independence,to help him/her make better decisions and choices so that he/she begins to think of themselves as a capable independent individual.
  • To help the child learn among others. We want the child’s first school experience to be rewarding. Through guidance, he/she will learn techniques of interaction that will bring positive responses from others and help the child develop listening skills.
  • To guide the child toward becoming self directed and self disciplined.
  • To help the child develop large and fine motor skills. Our programs are designed to challenge the child’s small and large muscles.
  • To help the child understand and control his/her physical world.
  • To develop the child’s intelligence and cognitive development by encouraging curiosity, thinking, and the gathering and using of information. Our preschool will provide a background of experiences and attitudes that will make living and learning more meaningful.
  • To develop the child’s sensory and perceptual acuity, language ability, concept formation ability, and problem solving skills. Every opportunity possible will be used to foster the child’s use of language and understanding of his/her surroundings. Encouragement will be provided for all aspects of learning.
  • To provide each child with a spark for learning and a thirst for knowledge that will stay with her long after she leaves preschool. The relationship between the child and the teacher will be a bond developed through trust, love, and understanding.
  • To provide parent education opportunities.
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